November 7, 2010

You're Fired!

Well today turned out to be a rather interesting day at work. It seems that since I've started this blog there has always been something mildly entertaining going on at work to write about. Someday I will be able to look back on my time here in the fast food industry and be thankful for all this wonderful material... Cat and Blue Eyes called in today...again...they weren't going to be coming to work because one of their friends was sick or something :S Not too sure exactly what was going on there, but Boss gave them one last chance, told them to either come in today or they were going to be let go. He has tried to be reasonable and understanding in giving them time off when they are sick, he even let them book Sunday off originally, but then they ended up trading shifts with other people and decided to work Sunday, until 5am when they texted Boss and let him know they were not going to be coming in. So I stayed an hour later and Boss wasn't able to post the schedule since everything is going to be a little different now since he had them scheduled and everything. I still tomorrow morning though. And I am going to be training people with a more regimented method of how to use the cash registers now. I don't mind. I think it's easy enough to pick up on (just basically counting your own till and being responsible for your shortages). The only thing that is going to make it messy is on busy days when we do the shift over from staff members mid-day on weekends. I think that might get a little confusing because it takes about 15mins to count the register and that is 15minutes where we can only have 2 people on till. It will all work out though, I'm sure of it.
One of the girl's who was supposed to be coming in today quit. Like, quit for good, is never coming back. She probably was going to be fired in the next couple of weeks anyway because she is pretty slow and stuff, but still, to just up and quit like that... Boss told me some people were going to be let go, but now with Cat and Blue Eyes gone, and this other girl quitting I am not sure what's going to happen! I was sort of hoping that Miss Tommy Texter would be gone, because she annoys me with her addiction to her phone, and not wearing her hairnet properly, and trying to be all promiscuous, and bumping into me when I am standing still at my till and maybe I am a little larger than normal, but I am not so big that I take up the whole freaking space that she can't fit her skinny butt through without hip-checking me! And she always looks out of it and like she hates everybody and that she has to come and work here. Maybe those aren't reasons to let someone go, but those are the reasons why I don't like her especially. But I try to not make a big deal out of it at work.
Some man gave me $20 today as a tip, to share with everybody... I gave it to Boss so he could hide it away and split evenly ($2 per person!) I probably could have gotten away with keeping it if I wanted to, but I'm honest, and it felt better to share it than to keep it for myself. But I still feel that it was crazy! Who has $20 extra that they can just toss away to their fast food server as a tip?! Seems crazy! Someday I want to be that kind of person. Make somebody's day like he did to me. Pay it Forward and all. We'll see how that pays off. It's important that even though you may be working what you consider a menial job that is beneath your education, you maintain your integrity and strength of character. It can be easy to get caught up in the drama of the workplace, but if you want to be successful then you need to keep the character of a successful person. And no, that's not just positive thinking.
Time to log off, fellow graduates, best of luck facing the world tomorrow,

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