November 6, 2010

Things Get Hot At Work

So today at work we had a fire, but first... let me share some of the latest work gossip with everyone. 

Everyone seems to be hooking up. We now have 2 couples dating, with another couple getting together officially soon. Plus a girl who wants to get with this one boy and kissed him after he drove her home (unfortunately for her, he is the one about to start dating someone, and it isn't her!) Our first couple consists of Blue Eyes and Cat. Cat broke up with her fiance of 5 years that she was living with to start dating/move-in with Blue Eyes after about a week of working with him. I'm not sure if that's love at first site, or just stupidity. I'm leaning towards stupidity though, and it shows at work. They are always bickering, and I have a feeling that it isn't going to last very long. Next up is the Hulk and Boy Band. Two high school kids and a little high school romance. Seems innocent enough. Really not worth talking about. What's really interesting is the Hulk. She's pretty crazy. She gets SO angry over the most insignificant things! Like actually angry! It's a little ridiculous. Whenever I work with her I always worry that she's gonna hulk out on me and punch me in the face or something. She hasn't so far, but then I haven't worked with her too often. Then there is the love triangle. Basically it consists of Shawty and Lil'A and Cheerio. Cheerio is madly in love with Lil'A or something like that. So she is constantly texting him and talking to him and about him, things like that. One night he drove her home and as she was getting out of the car she turned around and kissed him. Since that fateful night she has been trying to get with him. She's only 16 and she wants to get in bed with him. He's a pretty decent guy though and said no. Which I totally respect him for. He has his eye on Shawty though, and she likes him back. Apparently they hung out one night after work and are getting together which is going to break Cheerio's heart. Everyone is hooking up. It kinda gets a little discouraging being the odd girl out. At school there's so many people available for dating, but afterwards, it is hard to meet people. Especially meet people who are the same sort of age and unattached. I know they must exist somewhere out there, but I am having a hard time finding them. So I'm stuck with the guys at work, all young kids who are playing a Russian Roulette version of the Dating Game. Maybe they will find someone special, but odds are they won't. So I try not to feel too bad being left out. Of course it doesn't help when my other close friends and everyone from church is getting married or moving in with their fiance, having babies and buying houses. Where are single, post-grads supposed to go to meet potential dates??

Besides the relationships going down at work, there were other things heating up in the kitchen today. Well, not so much the kitchen (besides the obvious food, etc) as in between the kitchen and the front area. Teacher put a paper bag into the device we call the Chute which keeps the food hot. He was waiting on fries but had already gotten the burger and put it in the bag. We do that sometimes. To keep the food warm. Well today the paper bag touched the heating element and Bam! Flames! Hahaha! It was so amazing! I personally thought it was pretty hilarious, but not everyone else appreciated it in the same manner that I did. It made the day kind of exciting though and ended things off on a good note for me, oddly enough. I traded shifts with Teacher too so I am in tomorrow 8-3 instead of 11-7. Less hours, but I prefer leaving early. I am working Monday-Friday this upcoming week too, so 7 days on straight, but then I am supposed to get next weekend off (crossing my fingers and toes) and I can visit my school friends if the weather is good, or maybe I will just stick close to home. I haven't decided yet, and I don't even know yet if I do get the weekend off. Today I forgot to punch back in after break. What an idiot, eh? I was on break for over 5 hours... oops. I hope the Boss can figure that out and fix it....

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