November 17, 2010

Hey Baby!

So, apart from this being a catchy (but sketchy) new song... today's topic of the day is apparently BABIES! Everybody at work is abuzz with the latest gossip, Cat is preggers! I know, I was also shocked! The story is that it's Blue Eye's baby, but he doesn't know yet. However, I'm not entirely sure that she's even for sure pregnant even though she told Shawty that she was, and it could be her ex's baby since they were still together in September... So we'll see how that all plays out and I will keep everybody update with the ongoing drama at work! Just had to share with you all since I don't really feel like joining in on the work gossip too much, mainly because I'm worried that I'll slip up and mention something to Blue Eyes and he'll be like "Say what?!" Haha, that would be funny. And awkward. So I'll save the gossip for my faithful readers. Miss Tommy Texter who is still (regrettably) with us may also be a member of the prego club. Word on the street says that she went to a party and had sex with two different guys, unprotected sex. I'm a little skeptical that she actually is, but who knows, maybe Cat and Miss Tommy Texter can have their babies grow up together; they can have play-dates and matching sweaters... How dear... More to Come!

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