November 21, 2010

Big, Bad Boss

Maybe it's just stress, but Boss has been really rude, insensitive, and annoying lately. It's getting to a point where it's more than just him trying to do his job, he is making it a miserable place to come to work and people are getting fed-up with him!

Yesterday Shawty and Miss Tommy Texter were working on cash together, talking and giggling, but getting the job done! Boss thought they were laughing at the customers because of their race (which is completely ridiculous!) and yelled at both of them and sent one of them home early... for having a good time while working? I understand if they were shirking on their responsibilities, but they were helping the customers quickly and being friendly. Boss even told Miss T&T that she had better show up today prepared to work or to hand in her uniform when he sent her home early. He apologized to Shawty today, and maybe would have apologized to Miss T&T today too, but when she came in she was ready to hand in her uniform: "Do you want my uniform now? Or in two weeks?" 

For everyone who is having trouble with their boss lately, wistfully dreaming of being their own boss someday, this is for you... Just be glad this isn't your boss! (Warning: Language is NOT child-appropriate)!


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