March 9, 2011

Liars and Thieves

There's been a lot of drama lately at work. I've tired of telling the story repeatedly and really it's a long and complicated tale that I don't particularly feel like typing out right now. The short version is that two people that I work with who are dating had a fight because he was high on cocaine and she manipulated everyone to feel sorry for her and to handle her problems because she victimized herself and acted immaturely and irresponsibly. We are used to her being a selfish liar by now, but especially the past week things have been particularly awful. And he is to blame as well. Our boss asked me and a few other key people whether we should fire him or just give him a warning. We all agreed to fire him, but couldn't come up with anything that could really stick as a good reason for letting him go. So even though he is a troublemaker and creates drama along with his girlfriend and is a bad influence, I tried to think about it logically and detach any emotions from the decision. So in part I am responsible for him remaining at work. Then this past Monday I was putting change into the cash registers and so I turned to put the money in and then customers came or something so my little box of change was just sitting on the counter while I was counting or dealing with customers, whatever it was. But when I turned back to my box to get out another two five dollar bills, they weren't there. I though perhaps I had already taken them out and put them into the register, or maybe my eyes had been playing tricks on me, or maybe HE had taken them since he was standing right there. Of course so was SHE. I should have counted out my little box right then and there. I should have said something. But I figured I must have been mistaken since it was early in the morning and I was tired. Nobody would actually just take $10 from my change box, would they? Wednesday I gave my boss my change box to refill with coins since I had Tuesday off, and guess who was $10 short in change? I was so angry and frustrated and embarrassed and just didn't know what to say. I'm not going to accuse HIM of doing it when I have no proof and it was already a few days ago. But it makes me so angry that I stuck up for him in a way by being the person who said let's keep him because he is good for the store and is fast and works hard (even though he is actually lazy and avoids work, and isn't a good team player, and makes mistakes). After everything he put me through last week with all the drama and I haven't really held a grudge. I have been nothing but friendly and polite to both of them even after the incident. Even after SHE called me a backstabber. It just really hurts that they would betray me like this. It's not surprising or anything. But I feel awful, like they have besmirched my good name. How am I supposed to work with them on Friday with this nagging feeling that they stole from me, from the store? Maybe it wasn't them. Maybe I just miscounted or something stupid like that. Maybe it is my fault. But I just can't trust them, or even tolerate being around them anymore.

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